In a  kingdom of dreams ,

between the plains and hills,

Is a beautiful valley of flowers,

where colourful florescence lives…

Beautiful, enchanting,fragrant ,

every flower is culminant,

sweet  essence pervades,

making the  atmosphere vibrant..

One morn a bee , flies in,

looking delighted with the wonderful scene..

happier and merrier it gets,

entering the kingdom green…

Widespread colours and varieties,

the bee sits and wonders,

whom do I trust amongst the rest,

and find  my soul friend!

Next sunrise the bee buzzes…

on the flowers of the bushes,

every bud wishes for the bee,

but they find it sitting on a lily …

Anxiously they  ask,

what makes you choose a simple class…

Simplicity, purity .. is what I seek,

in the ocean of the deep,

for my intuition speaks ,

when  two soul friends  meet…”

Filled with gratitude ,

the sweet lily smiles in certitude,

realising the magnitude  of divine

 with blessings in form of  fortitude….


Turbulence inside,

splashing and colliding waves ,

pondering on apprehensions,

moments are strained…

flashing smile an instant,

a hollow feeling is born,

thoughts ,feelings conjure ,

volatile emotions storm…

seeking contentment,

in world of vocality,

…superficially  glazed,

needs audacious tenacity…

vivacious  imagery,

with self stimulation,


euphoria with eudemonism…