Wrapped in the folds of time,

my sweet memories play inside,

Leaping  and skidding  within,

the old golden times of mine…

Sweet, sour,touching,

 they never get jumbled,

neither their egos, 

either get crumbled….

Innocent ,playful, stringent ,

smitten by persons or circumstances,

treasured and stacked in between,

amongst the thousands lying ,

in the old memories shelf…

they are bounded by time…

Dusts of time, curtains of belief,

cover and refrain the valuable ones,

from getting older,

in the mind and in the heart …

for times in near future…

Where r u lost  in these  pages ! O ! seer!

your throne is bedecked now,

For you to be…

… throned with the  gear


The Enchanting words ,

magnetic nature,

radiating  aura,

mesmerised  each one…

Who had a glimpse

to treasure in their dreams,

for a lifetime,

The only  impressive one…

Words of knowledge,

speech of wisdom,

voice of dominance,

attracting the whole kingdom..

Adorable  appearance,

alluring since antiquity,

amalgamation of self,

 in euphonic divinity…

A magician,

A charmer,

A dream lover,

Or an  enchanter?