I can feel the pain you had last night,

 That was in your left shoulder ,

Coz  that is now transferred to me,

As I absorb all your disturbing thoughts and emotions…

You can now sleep in peace ,

Leaving the tensions beside you,

For I shall  take care of  them,

By adsorbing the stress from  you…

For me ,

  your smile and happiness  are enough,

I dont desire any riches nor any dressing attires,

A moment of togetherness I wish,

Is the ideal gift that I can get from you…

Trust me and my worth,

for I can vanish your fear,

As your pain dissappeared ,

Being with me very close,very near…

6 thoughts on “I WILL HEAL YOUR PAIN

  1. i love this, reminds me of my WordPress friend Deborah, she’d love to read this.. I sent your link to her..Have a great day 🙂

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