“Blogging with Grace”  ever heard of this! The words in themselves mean  a lot!

Well this is a self designed award created by Prashant,who after completing a statistics hit of 1000 views, gifted all his inspiring bloggers this exceptional extraordinary piece of recognition…

His blog   http://justspokenthoughts.wordpress.com        is one of the most natural blogs you must have read with genuine emotions involved.

His comments on my blog or any others has  always been appreciated and been very  enthusiastic..Everyblogger who has received his comments on their blogs must have felt the same,that his comments give new view or completely different angle to our posts..A new perspective is formed..

The way he comprehends my writings…I’m amazed sometimes… This is a rare God-given gift where you can realize,understand,comprehend,empathise any person’s views or thoughts which are in form of words…GOD BLESS

Iam really overwhelmed to receive this beautifully adorned award ,which is truly precious,as it has been crafted specially and personally . Thanks to Prashant and I  wish him a great success in the world of blogs and in life…

Best wishes to all,



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