Thanks to Rahulashok who has nominated me for this special award meant for persons who comment the most on somebody’s posts…According to him,I was one of the bloggers commenting mostly on his posts…

For me ,I have had great deal of support in form of likes and words and comments on my posts..and I would surely like to announce the most frequent ones here:

  1. Prashant
  2. Eric
  3. Pawan
  4. Neeraj
  5. Mary

Iam really grateful for their comments and the words of appreciation and suggestion for encouraging me here …

With your coments I improve and learn more,




6 thoughts on “THE COMMENTATOR AWARD!!

  1. Thank you Soumya for mentioning me. I only post comments when I am inspired and/or can contribute. Your posts are inspirational without being ‘in your face’ – if you know what I mean.

    Keep blogging my dear – the world needs all the sunshine and light we can spread.

    Love and peace, Eric

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