Why did you say ,

“why we both go deep?”

I thought and felt,

“Are you not aware ,

that makes us different from the heap?”

Everyone everywhere is an alias,

either with name or

a frame to become as,

The real nature within,

is forgotten by all,

that is the reason why,

we went deeper on…

However high a person

scales his height,

the depth of his feelings

and sense,

makes him perfect

 and wise…

In this chaos of the world,

when we get a feeling

someone, somewhere

 exists in a dwelling,

who can go deeper in the meaning,

that is the precious gem ,

for every human…

which can be treasured

for times to come…


Sprinkle on me the shades of carnation,

immerse me in the ocean of devotion,

Colour me with the streak of love,

highlight me with the brightness of resplendence.

revive in me the enchanting immanence,

vibrating me to the echoing resonance,

filling in me the sense of rhythm,

walking on the path full of resipiscence…

reveal me the value of reticence,

in the revelation of the divine essence..

The certitude of the cession

 of  five senses

in the feet of the glorious omnipresence..

will open a corridor

to spiritual benediction…