Strings of  adoration

adorned by love,

tied with a silken thread 

to the innermost chord of  soul…

When touched  by the aura of incarnation,

immense feelings make a congregation,

Exults my deepest  vibrations  within,

when I experience a divine blessing…

The nectar of devotion,

assimilates in me with assurance ,

the astral  world

stares me with a strong glance…

Am I worth for

 the exceptional sojourn?

when solitarily I stand,

beholding the solitaire…

Culmination of the thoughts,

imagine a form when

My soul  perceives

to   Manifest

The Invisible god…!


4 thoughts on “MANIFEST THE DIVINE

  1. This post is about letting the inhibitions of being known as the imperfect beings slide out of your life-space and believe that your actions, destiny and worth have been identified, shaped and stamped by a perfect someone known as GOD !!

    1. seems I shall have to start a new column of synopsis by Prashant on my posts.. 🙂 exact analysis of what I wrote…I wrote this out of the feelings and the way I perceive the experience of divine.

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