Thoughts about you flood  my mind,

every moment …every time,

Work doesn’t tire me,

nor does the sleep bother  me,

Is this a spell,

That has been cast on my cells?

Stretching my hand to reach yours,

even in dark without  fears,

this isn’t love nor lust,

but the feelings are completely just…

You make me feel fly high,

above the ground  from all the  ties,

taking me into a dream world,

where you and me, sit and cry…

Never had I felt so strong,

for anyone who’s  walking along,

What is there so magical,

about you and your words?

That make me  smile without a reason,

bring tears in my eyes without the season,

Is it your charming charm,

or the warmth of your arms?

Whatever it is !

I love and like ..

to be away from the world…

… for a while.


Strings of  adoration

adorned by love,

tied with a silken thread 

to the innermost chord of  soul…

When touched  by the aura of incarnation,

immense feelings make a congregation,

Exults my deepest  vibrations  within,

when I experience a divine blessing…

The nectar of devotion,

assimilates in me with assurance ,

the astral  world

stares me with a strong glance…

Am I worth for

 the exceptional sojourn?

when solitarily I stand,

beholding the solitaire…

Culmination of the thoughts,

imagine a form when

My soul  perceives

to   Manifest

The Invisible god…!