Would I ever know what people want to read,

some short stories or mysteries unclean?

Do they have the patience to complete the reading,

or in between they just wanna switch surfing!

What do they search in other blogs,

inspirations to write or nice quotes to talk?

Every one runs in the rat race,

be it in life or in the blogging game..!

This is a world of pretentious emotions,

real ones hidden behind the word’s curtains…

Inspite of the chaos going on here,

there are  special persons whom we admire,

who still yearn for the  best and cherish the rest…

With appreciation in words to encourage  in any test

Many find solace in comments of others,

some co-relate their feelings in the  posts of bloggers…

This is a small world existing in the big,

where unknown friends drop in

 with  comfort and ease,

there’s no formality required,

to wish someone from heart when desired…

Away from the world of melee and crowd,

we all live in this one with peace and are proud,

For there’s always something to learn and share,

from the awesome and superlative posts that are  rare,

the writings are reflection of the truth of life,

written in any form ,

they help us to shine…

Iam lucky to be a part of this humanity,

where I can share all  my gravities,

from where I enrich my nature and character,

which spreads smile on my face for ever…


Passionate about life,

bubbling with enthusiasm,

a young little girl,

dwelled  in hearts of everyone…

Her thoughts were clean,

and feelings were pure,

never did she knew

what it meant to get lured…

Because for her..

the world was beautiful

filled with dreams bountiful…

As she grew up blossoming into a charming one,

she won all the hearts with  her innocent smile for everyone,

she was a source of life for  dullness,

she created for her dear ones a world of happiness.

Years later when she tied nuptial ties,

she entered a new world full of lies,

The prince of her hearts was with her,

so she never bothered to face the fear…

The new life was full of ups and downs,

which was filled with conflicts and doubts,

confused and worried,

she looked and dazed,

to the new destiny that was lying ahead.

Often she cried

 in loneliness,

when nobody was around.


to misunderstand..

The smile on her face never showed of

the pain inside her heart for long..

She tried to win the hearts of the new ones,

For here nothing was free and deserved,

She had to prove again every time,

her worth and her feelings divine…

Patiently and with courage,

she walked on the path,

to create a niche for herself

on the untrodden path…

winning the credits and the acclaim,

 continuing serving with the lustrous smile on face,

she welcomed every stranger and  any  friend..

Several years later she was now crossroads,

this time the tussle was between the ones

 whom she loved most…

her affection and her love both confront,

when both of them contradict ,

she feels she has no one…

Still with a hope

she keeps moving on,

desperately trying to amend things along.

As she wakes a fine morning,

Realising that there’s change  in happening,

was it a dream or a reality,

she thinks all’s  fine again with dexterity..

This is the end I could think of the story

 of a little girl

 who lived in her parents arms securely,

Travelling down the path of the tough life,

she won the hearts of everyone around cheerfully…