My heart weeps

as it gets hurt,

not by a spear,

but by words…

My heart is dumb,

as it cannot speak,

about the words

that get pierced…

It needs the help

of eyes and tears,

to express

whatever it wants to share..

My heart is like a child,

that wants love and care,

from everyone

 who is close and dear…

Indeed it is lonely ,

many times in fear,

for no one dares to go

deep inside my heart to hear…

Pain within,bruised again,

It loves everyone..

around its sphere.

for it believes in absolution,

A form of  divine affection….

A hidden emotion is hidden

 inside the maze of the heart …

like a puzzled slide…

The only one who  feels ,

the suppressed feelings within,

Is omnipresent and omnipotent

in the tiniest atom of all the  beings…


5 thoughts on “WEEPING HEART

  1. You are the most complex to no one but yourself. People won’t spend a lifetime in understanding you. It has to be you dedicating a lifetime in deciphering the “self” within.
    Wonderful – yet again !!
    (and I just finished something with a “spear” in it too !!! So, I guess I’ll wait a lil while before publishing it !!)

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