Thick clouds of intelligence cloud the brain,

when the mind asks even a simple thing to explain,

Logic and reasoning are the fore front-runners,

scrapping out things like an old rumour!

Anecdotes and books, increase the knowledge level,

Wisdom is found in the earth’s gravel,

Brilliant work  profiles laud with good package,

simple virtues work to make us  lustrate…

Truth of life cannot be studied,

Nor can it offer solutions to the queries,

Faith and Conviction are two wheels of life,

which carry  forth  the chariot  in your stride..

Seeing is believing ,is an old saying

Still invisible  air is in our surrounding,

The power and the grace of the Invincible one,

need not be justified to anyone…

 for the pangs of nature leaves no one,

who dares believe or dares not to learn,

Proofs and deductions are a part of science,

But we forget…

Spiritualism is the greatest science…


2 thoughts on “TRUTH OF LIFE

  1. how high into space or how deep into the ocean we might go boasting of our knowledge and capabilities – the “inner peace” would be found no where else but inside YOU ! At he end of the day its gonna be just the memories of how you lived.
    Gr8 one to read !!

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