A Blossoming lotus in stagnant water,

With white pure  petals free from the clutter,

Smiling with ultimate bliss

as it proceeds towards exaltation…

Surrounded everywhere by  muddy waters,

A drop of it dirts the other,

In spite growing in such an atmosphere,

The sparkling lotus remains untouched forever…

Freely swaying, feeling the breeze,

Standing firmly on its solid stalk,

solitary it stands along ,

on  every night ,in every storm…

Gazing at the starlight,

in the middle of the night,

the lotus heart dwells within,

to seek a way out of the thin,

where it remains differed ,

from the pangs of the selfish world,

to preserve the real  treasure ,

that thy had gifted  her…

The immaculate lotus still smiles,

in spite of experiencing bad vibes,

for she discovered her true self,

retaining and reflecting,

her beautiful thoughts ,

in any situation and in drought…

Grace of the invisible is bestowed  upon her,

Blooming like a lotus the heart floats over fear,

Such a soul is a divine one,

maintaining its sanctity  in repercussions…

6 thoughts on “LOTUS HEART

  1. Going through these verses of, I felt that we usually get overwhelmed by the pain, sorrow, hate and turbulence around us. We seek comfort, happiness, warmth and everything that makes life simpler. No problem in that. But we have to understand that all those unwanted things like fear etc are needed to make you realize the importance of so many things including love and friendship !

    1. Yes thts true.. I tried to explain that the way a lotus atays awayf from all the dirt even being in the same water,similarly we ,as mind,heart or soul, inspite of living in circumstances that are negative, depressing,dissappointing and the surroundings which aren’t that clear and pure…can live freely away from all of this by dwelling within and reflecting our trueself..

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