What makes me think about you,

in the midst of a lazy noon,

when I am having a power nap,

to have energy for my evening errand…

Closed eyes,thoughts flowing,

Even in my dreams you are ruling,

What makes you so close to me,

when you have never met me…

Depth of words connecting us,

or the voice that trembles,

feelings strong of compassion,

what instigates  this passion?

know not where you belong,

which part of  world are  you from?

still the heart cares for you,

misses the warmth ,

when you vanish in the  blue !

Whatever it is ,

between you and me

I enjoy the feeling of

such propensity…

waiting impatiently

to hear from you,

Is the  passion ,

I discovered new…

27 thoughts on “Passion of blogging

  1. as I swayed past these lovely expressions, it just happened that I saw the tags you’ve made – optimism, morning thoughts, bond of friendship, feelings etc.
    These felt as if rather than trying to connect to someone who follows your writings (and you!) you try to create a space where he/she feels real, unadulterated emotions, overwhelming comfort and the urge to come back again !
    That’s why – I am STUCK !!!

    1. Thanks Mary for your wishes. I intended to write a few words about the world of blogging where its passion takes all of us away from our own world and the posts reflect our true thoughts and convictions… We yearn to hear a word from all ,whoever visits our blog and find it more encouraging when we receive a positive and understanding approach from all..

  2. I found you through Eric. I do like your writing and your poetry very much and will be following closely! I can not write so beautifully. I write like I talk, but I write what God says out of my fingertips. I always think I am going to write one thing and He writes something else. Drop by sometime.

    1. Thanks Cindy for your compliments… Its really fortunate that you write what God wants you to write …Very few people are blessed by this who actually express not their thoughts but the words just automatically flow in heading to a direction that god wishes …

      1. Soumyav-thank you for all your lovely comments about everything you read. I have to tell that all of this has been a very long time coming and I think my blog posts show that, because I have been honest about where I was long ago, then a while ago, then shortly ago, then LAST YEAR (a biggie for me) and then the present. The Lord God says He will complete the work He starts in us. So I have that confidence that He will with me and of course we have a time line to look at. I certainly have not “arrived” but He has taught me so much-if I can just practice what I KNOW to be truth-oh I am just fine! it is when I go off in a tangent. Thank goodness there are enough people writing me now that I can’t stay there very long anymore. I can get right back on track and not waste a whole day or even a whole hour! Please visit again. I have a new “editor” who is helping me with the whole look of the blog and as well as making it more user friendly.

  3. Excellent post sissaji! You said it in a consummate estimable way.
    Thanks for such a great post for our blogging family. 🙂
    Have a great day. Cheers! \m/ 🙂

  4. This is just great! So many people feel the same way about you. This cuts through time and place and touches what is truly important. You are a treasure!

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