O! the bonds of love and passion!

No one ever has realised their filiation,

born in the roots of the heart,

or a form of theocratic art!

Wondrous and irresistible,

fill  our lives with fluorescent colours,

Like a motley motif ,

  these integrate our feelings within…

Even though in expletive atmosphere,

the ties are exhilarating in nature,

Galloping faster than the thoughts

the heart beats garlands the unknown…

They walk on the bona-fide boulevard,

Irrespective of any difference in brogue,

Invisible , yet confluent ,

 bonds of love and passion have strongest attachment… 


7 thoughts on “BONDS OF LOVE & PASSION

  1. Loved the way you segregated ‘love and passion’ from each other in the end. These emotions are overwhelming as individuals – nothing like them.

    But for each other they create a space of understanding, life, equality and hope.

    You thinking about publishing? MUST !!

      1. No way I am gonna buy that – You have to send me the autographed one with “Dear Prashant…” FREE OF COST !!!!

        …then I’ll buy the second one !!! 🙂

  2. (Dear WP, Please publish this comment, kindly, please.)

    love and passion are so unique yet they complete each other. Loved the way you kept them apart like in an effort to bring out the best from both !

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