O! the bonds of love and passion!

No one ever has realised their filiation,

born in the roots of the heart,

or a form of theocratic art!

Wondrous and irresistible,

fill  our lives with fluorescent colours,

Like a motley motif ,

  these integrate our feelings within…

Even though in expletive atmosphere,

the ties are exhilarating in nature,

Galloping faster than the thoughts

the heart beats garlands the unknown…

They walk on the bona-fide boulevard,

Irrespective of any difference in brogue,

Invisible , yet confluent ,

 bonds of love and passion have strongest attachment… 


Two climbers  entwined,

as if they never lived beside,

going higher and higher ,

to touch the Infinite!

Their roots are deep down  in the ground,

aware of the pains and sufferings profound…

different plants now together,

roots going deeper and stronger…

Soft tendrils help on their  way,

for the climb and support to stay,

the lovely climbers know their goal,

 Are in search of their Soul…

Beautiful flowers sprouted ,

meanwhile on their soft stem,

they embrace the flowers …

snuggling and tickling,

traversing the journey so enthralling…

The moment is yet to arrive,

When the enchanting climbers …

attain their height,

Till then they are entwined,

to remain one as destined….