My soul

Remembering the old times,

when your heart was mine,

time stood still and

birds flew by,

In your arms when I did die…

Smile addictive filled with love,

Never had I realised this before ,

Leaving you in the midst of  chore,

towards  the world of  divine lore!..

I still  search for the one,

who is rectifying  the work undone…

Will you abide by the promise,

that you gave on my demise,

to be calm and spread love,

without  resentment of  all done…

The world needs you much more ,

duties and responsibilities off shore,

I still stand beside you,

to fulfill your dreams and help you,

in spite of  this that I am no more,

My soul will always love you more..

Noetic nog

 A  stranger in the dark  alley

 whom I stumble upon!  ,

Is he  a traveller ..

Or a  fraud ?

 Hidden  identity or false notions

confusing was his obtrusion…

What made his journey secretive?

Is he an impostor selling dreams,

or a robber who robs everything?

Vanished suddenly round the corner,

leaving  the alley illuminating,

dispelling the darkness 

 the old  path bedecked

as   blossomed spring,

Reviving  life ,

 rejuvenating ,

the  darkest alley  of the  soul

  with serenity..

Involuntarily apprehensively,

Tied to my noetic nog,

I lost the sight of the Inimitable,

          for whom I had yearned…

…for so long.