On a stormy night , trapped in hurricane,

When the world is on the  way to destruction,

nature emitting flames of poison,

The eminent soul too trembles and  shivers !

Massive devastation ,

Not a shelter to any despair,

Desponding and desperate,

running helter- skelter..

Is this the destiny of diffidence?

Or the epilogue is something else

An epoch of equanimity,

with equilibrance in humanity!

Without denunciation ,

when the heart demeanours…

devotion and faith,

with complete surrender  to the Ultimate,

The sabotage sweeps away like delusion…

The Gracious Pastoral   ,

Embraces you in his paramount form,

Creating a plateau,

to rescue the destitute,

Initiating a new ephemeris …

for the restitution of  the earth…