Beautiful reflection of an attractive  face,

Shimmering waters project the image,

Getting obsessed with self,

A Narcissus sits beside his mirage…

Despite being a miniscule,

He misconstrued his optical image,

Groping somewhere in fantasy,

He lost his ideal pathway!

Opulence or Erogenous,

neither  diminishes the lancinating pain,

Nor it invigorates us ,

to reach our ultimate aim!

Ultimate megalomania makes him languish,

Succumbing to the  mesmerism ,

In spite of warning of  Nemesis,

A soul extinguishes its divine  flame


  1. Narcissus was a character in the Greek Mythology and belonged to the Thespiae (modern Thespies, Greece) in Boeotia (a region of the Central Greece). He was quiet a handsome lad and this made is “male ego” grow upon him so bad that he actually fell in love with himself. All proud and arrogant, he even disrespected his beloved ones and the Gods. Nemesis (spirit of divine revenge against those who succumb to Hubris (arrogance before the gods)) tricked him to a pool where Narcissus saw his own reflection and fell down, all mesmerized, and died. (for the other ppl !!!)

    …the point that you make so wisely here is that the faith on your strengths would help you succeed. But your specialties must not become the cause of your downfall.
    Astoundingly Instructive !!

    1. Very true Prashant! our specialities shouldn’t make us so egoistic,that we forget the rest and just love ourselves …and think about ourself…Such an ego leads to downfall …thts wht I tried to show! Thanks for appreciating!

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