Beautiful reflection of an attractive  face,

Shimmering waters project the image,

Getting obsessed with self,

A Narcissus sits beside his mirage…

Despite being a miniscule,

He misconstrued his optical image,

Groping somewhere in fantasy,

He lost his ideal pathway!

Opulence or Erogenous,

neither  diminishes the lancinating pain,

Nor it invigorates us ,

to reach our ultimate aim!

Ultimate megalomania makes him languish,

Succumbing to the  mesmerism ,

In spite of warning of  Nemesis,

A soul extinguishes its divine  flame


Floating on cloud nine,

Trying to reach the seventh heaven,

with  twinkling eyes , lost looks,

A heart in love looks wonderful!!

Pulsating  beats, warm breath, 

cold hands with sweat on them,

The heart in love is anxious,

searching for its beloved everywhere!

Love notes ringing in the ears,

Nothing else audible ,even near,

word from the lovable one,

wakens up the sleeping beauty in danger!

Blushed  in red, white in fear,

Confusing thoughts rule over mere,

Should I or should n’t I ?

Kiss my prince ,who’s so near! 

Will he metamorphose back to frog! ‘

from where he had appeared?

Or still be my charming prince …

forever with me  in  future!

Even before she gave a thought,

She felt a sudden warmth,

The mighty prince had  pressed his lips,

To be her saviour!

He took her along on the white horse,

which she always had dreamt of,

Out of the fantasy  land,

Where all was clear and real…