Free myself from the bonds and chains,

Free me from the blithering pain,

Free me from this golden cage,

To let me fly high in mundane…

The golden cage has the magic,

To cast a spell and hold the rein,

Hypnotised and mesmerised,

The prisoner flutters everyday in pain…

Let me breathe the fresh air around,

Let me kneel and touch the ground,

for years and years,I was caged,

Now set me free , as I am raged…

Set me free and give me place,

In thy feet in sublime space,

When I surrender to thy self,

with complete devotion to embrace…


4 thoughts on “THE GOLDEN CAGE

  1. the world around us starts making us work for it rather than the other way around. We seek things that we see other people are comfortable possessing. We should actually think of things that would make people around us more comfortable !!
    Beautifully expressed !

  2. Thanks..this I actually wrote to express the anguish of a soul who wants to get released from the bonds of worldly attachment and the body it posseses, to assimilate with the lord where it will have ultimate peace …

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