This is an old post blogged on another blog of mine few days back, I’m reposting it here today on the occasion of MOTHER’S DAY to wish my mother and all the mothers of the world , a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Years ago when I was born,

Little did I know the meaning of mom,

The only thing I was aware ,

That my mother is always there.

As I grew up and started walking,

For the many times that I went stumbling,

There was always a hand to hold,

For my little fingers felt them even in cold.

I went to school and started studying,

And she was always there to help me in reading,

My mistakes and my faults,

Were repaired by her then and along.

Never did I realise ,

Never did I know ,

The value of mother then,

In this world’s show.

As I stepped into a new world,

Full of expectations ,

I carried along my duties ,

with all the perfection.

Years later when I see myself,

I am surprised to see,

My mother in  my  reflection.

Things that she taught along ,

Had become my kids norm.

To day I feel that a mother never retires,

Even after years when I  need,

There’s her lap to make me sleep,

A mother is always loved and wanted,

I can’t  thank her for what she did,

But having  her as a mother ..

Is the greatest blessing from the God indeed.


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