“Being unhappy and having unhappiness”…are both the same?

A person is unhappy due to many reasons …could be a sad happening, some mishap, sadness, misery, a break up and many more things.When he is unhappy ,he tends to sulk away and remains cut off from the social circle or the formalities of a society.he wishes to avoid all the happy occasions and the people present on that occasions..

Is it because he is unhappy and sad? his mind is filled with sad thoughts or he is really so sad as not share the happiness that others experienced.

Well ! the person actually tries to avoid such circumstances not because he is unable to share the happiness of others but because he fears to leave his secured circle of unhappiness.

He is rather unsure of what all is going in his life and is confused whether he should be sad for it or let the things go and flow in the way they should be. When something doesn’t happen according to our wishes or our thoughts or expectations that tends us to become unhappy, because we feel dejected and rejected by the thoughts ,person or people.This is just a phase and a moment in someone’s life,but if a person chooses to stay in this surrounding for long,he tends to lose the interest,hope,enthusiasm and the happiness that awaits for him in future.

Unhappiness on the other hand is a state of mind or surroundings in which we live ,that is actually very negative and full of pessisism.Unhapiness is there even when something good has happened ,even after receiving accolades , money,power ,status ,unhappiness surrounds us and engulfs the white light..

This is due to the fact that a person who is constantly in unhappiness is the one who actually is not contented with anything in life,he desires for more,he wishes for more. He is never happy with what he has ,or what he has or achieved. His craving grows and he to persuade the so-called desires of life-like a dream goes after them leaving behind each and every joy that was and is present in front of him.So for a mirage that is not real,he loses his mental peace,his happiness and his contentment.he never values the small joys of life that are present with him now..

And in due course misses all the opportunities for being in any kind of happiness.

So the basic difference according to me in being unhappy and living in  unhappiness is circumstances make us sad, we actually make ourselves unhappy …but our lose  of faith,hope and driving continuously after the materialistic things pushes us into unhappiness even  after achieving everything in life… A dangerous state of mind…Unhappiness should be always kept away from our minds and heart ..To live in today,to live life to the fullest,spreading joy and sharing happiness,shall eradicate all the darkness of such UNHAPPINESS  and being an unhappy person…

These are the just few thoughts that crossed my mind today…what do you all think?

27 thoughts on “Unhappy vs Unhappiness!

  1. A very deep, difficult subject. I think if someone is unhappy, I will want to help, console and motivate them. If they have unhappiness around them, I will run a mile! I cannot afford to be around negative thinkers – they destroy..

                  1. Too clever for me! I enjoy your writing very much – it often gives pause for thought, and I never wrote poetry before reading your blog ( & couple others) when I first signed into WordPress a few months ago, so your rhythm inspires too! Truly.

  2. Beautifully differentiated Soumyav. Though we must try and keep our minds in a state of happiness – as far as possible.

    Thanks and cheers 🙂

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