I am the blueness of the sky,                                                                                                                                       

I am the grace  of a bird’s fly,

I am the calmness of the sea,

I am the freshness in greenery…

I am the fragrance of the flowers,

I am the wetness of  the showers,

I am the dryness of the desert,

Iam the sweetness of the nature’s beckon…

   I am in the smile ,of a child innocent ,

I am in the words, of a man intelligent,

I am in the love of a passionate lover,

I am in the warmth of a mother’s care..

I am the action going on,

I am the reaction hidden from all,

I am the reason for all the things,

I am the conclusion of everything…

I gave the sense to differentiate,

I gave a brain to estimate,

I gave a heart to love and care,

I gave a body to work and repair…

Good or bad,god or evil,

I showed you the difference…

Of being  a human or a devil.

I am the point,

I am the start,

I am the one where the world stops,

I am the creator of  every star,

Be it a Moon or a Sun very far…

I am the life  on this earth,

I am the vacuum of atmosphere,

I am the soul of every being,

I am the flame of the DIVINITY…

9 thoughts on “IAM IN EVERYTHING!

  1. OAK pushes your like button first then reads ,because OAK knows whatever you have expressed today is going to be beautiful like always.

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