Inspiring blog award!

1.Thank the blogger who gave you the award.

Since the time I started blogging which is n’t that old and since the last few weeks ,I came across msuzanneb,

Who has been a great deal of encouragemnet for me through her wonderful comments.I sincerely thank mary and her blog for considering me for this special award of Inspiring blog.

2. Tell 7 things about you that have not come up in your blog.

1.I love science as much as I love art

2.I have a teenaged son who takes lot of interest in knowing about what comments I get on my posts in my blog.

3. I have been married since the last 16 years to a person whom I loved.

4.Iam an ardent devotee of lord krishna and adore him .

5.I love cooking delicious food for my family and friends.

6.Iam a very wonderful host to everyone who visits my place.

7.I take keen interest in the official work of my husband who handles the international business in welding consumables.

3. Pass this on to 7 other blogs you find inspiring and explain why:

  • –  This blog has specially impressed with the simplicity and the innovative way of photography in the posts.Patricia is a wonderful and nice person who has great knack of projecting simple things as special.
  • – This blog is refreshing in every moment of my life.Full of lively photographs of the tulips and the latest celebrations and occassions.I love the way Malou connects with all.
  •  – The most trendiest topics and thoughts found posted in his blogs from the recent events to his latest achievements.A very humble person with good sense of humour has lots to present before us in future.
  •  neerajkumar –  A blog of reason,feelings and expressions..Genuine efforts to put in to limelight the causes that are neglected be it social,economical or emotional.
  •  –  The blog of Pawan has varied colours to offer ,it presents all the present condition of today’s society to the present emotional status of a person.great effort to bring to the surface the living of the people who are downcasted by society.
  • – wonderful posts of photography and oneliners.Inspires to write instantaneously on the posts.
  • – the blog represents a spiritual journey from a common man’s perspective.Kevin has been a great deal of encouragement for me.

All these blogs have been an active part of me since I started blogging,thanks to their encouragement and the inspiration they provided by the posts on their blog.wishing all of you great blogging,



MY 100th POST!

HI! everyone! A great day for me today as I post the 100th post on my blog..

Its been a very colourful journey right from the beginning when I started blogging.Few months back when I just signed in as a blogger ,little did I know I what be ending up posting poems on my blog ,which was my ultimate passion.Neither I thought I could write a poem every week or everyday nor dreamt of what topics would  I write on! But its really true ,that if there is a will there is a way..

If our feelings are genuine ,we have the words for it.But without the support and encouragement of you fellow bloggers ,I wouldn’t have been able to hit this century.. :-).

Special heartfelt thanks to Kevin ,Autumn and Gabrielle Sunshine, Mary,Eric ,Pawan ,Patricia and many more..But these are the people who actually encouraged me through their commentsand filled me with enthusiasm whenever I read their comments.

So now on this occassion , one more exciting news to share, I have finally decided to self publish a book of poems… :-)..

Work on the way,as it is my first project,if you have any suggestions and thoughts please share it with me.I need your motivation and support as it always has been..

Finally a few words:

Reflection of my thoughts can be found in my words,

The depth of my feelings can be felt by my verse,

The love I have for all can’t be judged,

For the depth of my heart cannot be measured…