What am I?

Intoxicating the atmosphere,

with my fragrance,

Iam the nectar of a flower ,

soaked in its essence…


Vibrating the wind ,

with my reverberation ,

Iam the music of a song,

dancing to its enchantment …


Echoing the surroundings ,

by my sweet words of  clement,

Iam the  verse of  a   poem

expressed with emotions…..


Blossoming love and affection,

In life of  the masses,

Iam the heart of a human,

blessed with God’s kindness…


From the core of my heart,

to the aura of my presence,

I am the soul of the divine,

graced by his benevolence…

Remembering Thee ,  

renouncing the fears ,

I express my gratitude to the LORD,

With a bow of reverence and prayer…