Moments of silence for sometime in a day for a while,

rejuvenate my mind and heart  to get involved in the worldly rhyme..

Thoughts unspoken unexpressed play havoc inside my turbulent mind,

to dissolve the useless ones can be done ,leaving everything else behind……




The moments bring every time a new picture before my eyes,

some tell a short story ,some have a moral inside,

these allow me to decide and  differentiate between wrong and  right,

helping me to have a look in the strange hidden insight…




Moments of silence refrains me from getting exasperated,

they make me  feel re-energized for any work that is overrated,

these are the times,when I am with myself …

I get the time to rediscover my self and my charm..

I forget the times when i am tired,

I forget the moments that are  dire,

I forget the days when all goes wrong,

I for get the age-old excuse  not  to be strong…





This is the time when I relive,

infuse myself with a new dream,

To start afresh the very next day,

with cheerful dreams that follow my way..

To reassure that I have

the ability to handle  any  stress,

To regain the confidence that got lost ,

in the movement of the world so fast…

Moments of silence are golden for me,

For after these I  will shine like a diamond on a  ring…


6 thoughts on “MOMENTS OF SILENCE

  1. The thoughts behind these words resonate for me, Soumyav. Moments of silence is when we commune at a deep level, I reckon. Thank you for bringing this thought to the world. Luv and peace, Eric

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