In the whispering woods,

in the middle of the night,

when the world sleeps and ..

the moon shines bright..

I break all the worldly ties ,

free  myself  from  the duties and fly,

although my body sleeps still,

I sneak  away from the window sill…

To be in the presence

of the Supreme  one,

with no one to disturb ..

and nothing to shun..

I search for some silence within,

absorbing the vibrations confusing for living,

I seek for the one who brought me on this earth,

who is the only one unchangeable every birth,

I dont know when the perfect  moment  comes,

when I shall meet THEE  in realism,

The day will be blessed or myself the blessed one,

when I  experience  the Divine Realization…?

16 thoughts on “SEEKING THEE!

  1. Very beautiful thoughts…You are the blessed one! I know there are many beliefs in the world of where God is…I believe that God lives within me as he gives all living creatures his spirit. So when I meditate I connect with the spirit that dwells within, and I am connected with all creations within the universe. So this means all people and living things.

    I am interested in learning where is God for you? . And how does your religious belief say you connect with God? I hope you don’t mind I ask?

    1. Thanks Mary ! for your wonderful compliments and sharing your thoughts as well. I too believe that god dwells within each being and wihin ourselves..By introspecting we come closer to him and others..Ideally i believe in a spiritual master who actually initiates this process of our thinking and belief and put us on a path of spirituality necessarily not by preaching or teachings but by making us know by means of interpreting the facts of life in simpler terms..He is the one whom you get connectd to anytime,any moment,anywhere your soul..the feeling of whose presence gives a faith that nothing can go wrong and he is there to be with us..the protector,the father..I also idolise idol worship, because of the fact that i believe the thousands prayers which are doen in front of the idol infuse into that statue the essence of god!!..

      1. This is a very beautiful belief. I have grown so much as I read others blogs and poetry. God has set me on this journey for my own awakening. Thank you for sharing and being so open. Wishing you many blessings.

  2. Whispering in the night time breeze
    under the moon soul gets released

    from the body it slowly floats up
    up faraway in to the night

    away from its bodily chains
    while you sleep and slumber away
    soul departs untill day

    floating high on another plane
    until moments just before day

    when it arrives back again

  3. inciting spiritual self, in a way your words make me think.
    and you are divine self…
    much love

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