The great Sculptor  started his work,

Gathering earthly matter  ,

Carving and giving a shape..

To  form a  Unique sculpture…

chiseling the minute details,

spraying in colourful sprays..

Intricately decorated and decked,

The adorning figure was well-kept..

Pondering for a while,

He infused in the sculpture some  life ,

the image appeared blue with the azure  of the sky,

 The Mind became free-flowing and shapeless as the colourless  water ,

The heart was filled with emotions and love like the flames of fire,

 carving stone was the earthly matter

and the life was formed from  the soul of the air…

The ideal sculpture became real,making the dreams of the sculptor true,

Imbibing the elements of nature in the beautifully niche  statue,

with the essence of universal value,

semblance of his  own sculpture,

The great sculptor touched the lifeless art,

To infuse  it with ominous life..

The transformation changed the universe,

inhabiting the world with humans…

He still gazes at the real sculpture,

Was he wrong in balancing the factors…?

The treasure he inducted in his  unique work,

Will it reach the eminence in this  strange world…?


Being under the scorching heat,

Perspiring for  special,

Gathering the tiny bits of destiny,

From the earth’s gravel…

Sweltering and  dehydrating atmosphere ,

Still the janitor tries to dissipate ,

The ever detrimental thoughts ,

in lying and innavigable….

Inquisitive insight,

Paves the terrain,

Barren unfertile land,

Blooms like heaven…

Continuous contrivance contributes,

To change the conventional attributes…

Destiny steers and overshadows ,

The optimistic   janitor of the soul,

The  barren earth now is a  meadow …..

To reassure of the omnipresent oversoul..