How far how long,shall I go on dear,

When the struggle and strife  never ends ever,

The patience and the calmness gets on a toll,

When there is no one else to play the role?

A smile on my face carried it till now,

But sometimes I  wish ..

You knew how I endure,

To realise what makes me sustain   my  dear..!

Winning always doesn’t matter ,

Sometimes on the way the dream shatters,

The real nectar is found,

with the one who motivates like  someone profound..,

The faith which helped you to  move on,

even in the  toughest of grounds …

The one who always held your hand,

in distress or in the rough sands..

How  much shall I keep energized?

My body ,my soul,my heart and my mind..?

Sometime , someday I will be very tired ,

To pull everyone out from the complex  mire,

Will you hold my hand then dear,

Against all odds and all the fears,

To stand beside me,very close ,very near,

By having faith in your love and my tears?



The most abundant  element found in nature,

Exists in four  different allotropic conditions,

Innumerable uses of this  special one,

Most commonly known as Iron..



Ferrous and ferric are its oxides,

Different colours they reflect to shine,

When combined with carbon ,

It forms “Steel”  ,

Iron signifies  hardness,

Possesses  durability to bear the roughness ..

Malleable ,if beaten with pressure…

Reshapes without cracking in tough conditions…


Almost every  alloy has  this metal,

Stainless steel to be the most commonest one,

Ranging from surgical instruments to magnets,

IRON age was named  when the evolution started ….



Deficiency of Iron results in Anaemia,

Presence of it triggers the nuclear fusion  in Utopia…

Unlike its name, the famous IRON CATASTROPHE,

This  process lead  life to emerge and evolve on earth …






Found even in the meteoroid’s dust,

This metal never exhausts being just,

Being like an Iron in character,

Represents endurance in nature..




Develop  an Iron within the heart,

To tear the pressures and problems apart,

Be magnetic like IRON, ,

By your magnanimity  attracting everyone..



Last few days I have been thinking about writing on this topic,which was one of my favourites during my science graduation.The distinct characteristics of Iron impress me and fascinates the way it is still the most commonly found element.

Like ” having innumerable qualities,still makes this special kind a  simple one”.