The noble river

While I sat on the banks of a river ….,

I felt my emotions driven  by,

 the flow of the white flowing water ,

amidst the  serene forest  nearby..

Deep down the river bed,

where the aquatic beings  dwell,

My heart dives in  and wishes to be ,

a part of that colourful cell …

Thousands of flora and fauna,

swaying in between,

oblivious of the outside world,

living in a dream …..


As the river gushes through,

valleys and mountains all new,

She  carries away my solitude,

leaving me completely anew..



Running through different regions,

Quenching thirst of everyone,

The river  absorbs their loneliness and fear,

till she  reaches the assigned  destination  …


Whilst I watch the river flowing,

vivaciously  forth,

Forgetting  the pains  and struggles,

that she ever had suffered..

Precluding  the sorrows of the ones,

  who came to her  recourse…

The noble river accomplishes the

purpose which is  exclusively  hers..


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