we meet in every life


We must have walked together in the journey of life ,

Were you a stranger,a friend or a foe during that lifetime…?

Few hours of acquaintance  fills the bond with mirth,

When must have this bond been  tied now or in last birth?

We again came across each other in  life,

To say each other “hi” and then bid goodbye…





The moment when we met ,few words got exchanged,

But silence was the ornament that adorned our souls..


The congruence experienced was something anew,

As if  it existed during the process of births at the same venue…


Contradictory confusing thoughts flooded the mind,

when you met like a friend..

and departed as an enemy…

Was this a new facade of yours..

or the continuity of an old rivalry?


Was this our first meeting,

or the conclusion of a dormant history…?



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