Ever wondered or imagined how a machine works? Well ! there is a fixed pattern or a system involved  that regulates the working of a machine.With more and more advanced technology , every thing has been automated and all the machines and the equipments too have a program feeded in them,which helps them to run..

Like wise,imagine a human being…the output we get is from the system that makes it work,the program that has been feeded in it.The parts involved are the body parts that help in the functioning of the system.The system comprises of the thoughts,motivation,inspirations,differences,derivations,conclusions,complexes that give a resultant effect to let the work get done. So it all depends on the resultant force  of all these forces that apply here and thus the action or reaction that we often see.

The program that has been already feeded in humans are the basics ,ethics and morals that have been imbibed in us during our childhood,that which stay for the rest of our life until we live.A happy memorable childhood,an ugly past or sad trauma everything has an impression that lasts till the end of our life.And this always effects the decision factor of our life and the way we comprehend and think about others..

So for a perfect human being under the perfect circumstances , there should be an ideal childhood, an inspiration to achieve the impossible,a motivation to drive the efforts,a clear thought process without any confusions ..and the ability to derive the correct conclusion for an accurate decision..with ideal thoughts and feelings in harmony with the surrounding.

So if machine has flaws or its limitations and deviations,humans too have the tendency for the same!

Then shall we ever  be able to make a machine which is perfect and  similarly can a  human can be conceived who is perfect and ideal in everything?

we meet in every life


We must have walked together in the journey of life ,

Were you a stranger,a friend or a foe during that lifetime…?

Few hours of acquaintance  fills the bond with mirth,

When must have this bond been  tied now or in last birth?

We again came across each other in  life,

To say each other “hi” and then bid goodbye…





The moment when we met ,few words got exchanged,

But silence was the ornament that adorned our souls..


The congruence experienced was something anew,

As if  it existed during the process of births at the same venue…


Contradictory confusing thoughts flooded the mind,

when you met like a friend..

and departed as an enemy…

Was this a new facade of yours..

or the continuity of an old rivalry?


Was this our first meeting,

or the conclusion of a dormant history…?