Following a dream


Sometimes I sit and ponder on thoughts ,that make me feel good and strong,

Forcing me to believe  like I have won a grand battle of  Paragon!

The urge to mark an indelible mark,for the accomplishment of a task,

By my love and compassion to rule in everyone’s  heart…..



Egoism rules the minds ,when intellect and  the fools meet,

Forgetting the golden rules behind, that we are humans on the same street,

Rags and riches makes the status,but not a perfect human being,

For this enduring job one has to sacrifice his selfish think…

In the cove of the earthly dreams,

We are lured by the deceptive themes,

Neglecting the noble thoughts and deeds,

We get stranded in the ludicrous things…





Following a dream I believe,changes the ability to think,

Elevating the capabilities ,it paves a way for prosperity,

Alongwith those wishes,let us resound our presence,

Not by the wealth we have,but by the love in abundance..




4 thoughts on “Following a dream

  1. I’d like thank you for sharing this. For me, I am freed by the idea that there is someone who shares my ideas. However was able to place it on quote on quote “paper.” I feel like reading your material loosens me and helps me think outside of the box a bit in regards to my own thoughts and approach to writing poetry as well as journals, thanks again.

  2. As you brought out, and I could not help but agree, that we need to honestly judge so many things to draw a clear picture of what life is, its worth for us and the things that make it gratifying !!

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