Silken soft cascade of tresses,

Beautiful curls  falling down,

They are  lustrous,

with a tinge of mahogany around..


 Like a  jewel in the crown of a girl,

They are esteemed  possession of  her’s,

Waterdrops lying  in between

 sparkle like diamonds …

Loosely tied or let open,

  adorned with flowers ,

Or formed a bun,

a shimmering clip adds perfection

to any unkempt condition..



Stirring the thoughts and invoking feelings,

The gorgeous cascade is attracting…

the umpteen people  that walked down,

Trying to get a glimpse of the girl in the gown……



What a striking feature!

A woman possesses!.

She gets transformed from a mere human

 into  an  attractive mermaid!!

Even the Lord must have wondered,

What awesome creation I crafted ,

I pray for  her  that in her life,

She never misuses the power of this shine….

Becoming the most  beautiful soul on earth

She brings glory to my splendid work. 






6 thoughts on “LOVELY CASCADE

  1. satya

    women is powerhouse to run the world…….which god also might not have thought of while creating her… i bow to thy creation oh god…

  2. someone capable of giving birth to a life, nourishing it, teaching it, protecting it and helping it evolve is the most valuable possession of God. He sent her down because she was the only reflection of himself that he could create and the world needed her !

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