My weekend




The day ends for everyone now..Its almost 11.00 pm and people all over the world will be having a fabulous weekend or must be planning for an adventure trip with their family and kids.

The trip which would rejuvenate them and would fill them with energy to sustain themselves in the pressure of their workplace during the forthcoming week..All have waited impatiently for the weekend to arrive . These few moments that everyone spends with their family and loved ones,or spending time with their favourite pastimes and places will fill their hearts back with the same reverberating feeling of overcoming the fears and becoming a winner in the race..

For me ,my  weekends and my week days both  are the same,as my sweet baby never allows me to take a wink in the afternoons nor does she lets me have continuous sleep for more than 2 hrs..

So the weekend too comes and leaves like a stranger ,with whom I am still not accustomed.

Babies are known to be nocturnal in nature but I have seen quite a few who like perfect children just sleep in time. They take complete rest and hardly get up at night. I feel their mothers to be extremely lucky ..

So this weekend ,it’s already gone  here ,,as we have weekend on Fridays and saturdays..We just sat at home ,my husband and children went to the park in the evening.I tried to  take a wink in the afternoon letting my little girl play with her elder bro..

And in the evening tried to cook for them a delicious and superb dinner that everybody would like.Late night ,we all just sat together to watch a movie “Goal The dream begins….”,a movie which I had already seen but had liked it very much due to the reality which the film portrays. The title too always fascinates me,seems like..the moment we  set our goal..Our dream begins taking a shape..

So it was probably a relaxing weekend..and for weekend gets completed if I am able to give much time to my family and indulge myself in doing whatever they like the best.

And the reward is the smiling faces that I see after all  these ..They rejuvenate me…the smile on the faces of my loved ones bring happiness to me like anything and I feel energised once again to work again for a week..



Silken soft cascade of tresses,

Beautiful curls  falling down,

They are  lustrous,

with a tinge of mahogany around..


 Like a  jewel in the crown of a girl,

They are esteemed  possession of  her’s,

Waterdrops lying  in between

 sparkle like diamonds …

Loosely tied or let open,

  adorned with flowers ,

Or formed a bun,

a shimmering clip adds perfection

to any unkempt condition..



Stirring the thoughts and invoking feelings,

The gorgeous cascade is attracting…

the umpteen people  that walked down,

Trying to get a glimpse of the girl in the gown……



What a striking feature!

A woman possesses!.

She gets transformed from a mere human

 into  an  attractive mermaid!!

Even the Lord must have wondered,

What awesome creation I crafted ,

I pray for  her  that in her life,

She never misuses the power of this shine….

Becoming the most  beautiful soul on earth

She brings glory to my splendid work.