Sometimes it is very difficult to put across thoughts in words. We have innumerable ideas and dreams going on continuously in our mind out of which some get words to be expressed and a few get some form in reality.

But still we never stop thinking and dreaming. For years,everyday we continuously dream and perceive new ideas which are related to us in some way ..BUt there are many such things going on in our mind which do not have any explanation for their existence.

Thoughts when sincerely followed and worked upon lead to dreamsĀ  or goals.

We initially as children keep on changing our dreams and our aim in lives.

Sometimes we want to be pilot and the next moment it can be teacher or a tailor.The aim of life is rarely known to us then..or specifically an entire life is spent knowing what are we actually running after.Is becoming a pilot or a teacher or anything end our struggle for existence or end our power of dreaming. We still dream ,we still think ,we still change our desires every moment.

Man since long has always been confused about his existence and the motive of his coming on earth as a human being. A very serious question is ..”Do we live to earn or we earn to live”?

Did we take birth to become some one very important in life or we have come here to experience the different aspects of life.Today several questions flood ed my mind and I’m as usual striving to find out an answer to the question.This is going to last for few hours and again I will be back into my routine and busy with my work and children.

Sometimes when we are alone or rather are lonely ,we try to analyse what we all went thru and what has made us become a person what we are today.

Every thing has a reason to happen ,the way we behave,or the disposition of a rude person .Everything has to have some reason to it.Nobody shows attitude with a reason,The person either has huge bank balance or has some bitter past. What a contrast?

So there can innumerable reasons for a person to behave in a particular way and hence several dreams still going in his mind which are unfulfilled..

Frustration always creeps in then ,when we have our dreams still not forming any shape and we feel as if our life is going to end without completing them.As a result..We feel what a waste my life was! My life is destroyed,my dreams destructed…

BUt deeply if we think,have we ever realised what was the real intention of ours taking birth here?

If I have a word to say,I feel we are here to be with others to experience the ultimate feeling of love,care and compassion which other beings on this earth are deprived of.As they can just feel it,but we have been given a more powerful tool ,to express ourselves through expressions,thoughts,words,speech touch and much more.Becoming some CEO in a company or getting a BMW doesn’t bring us happiness or contentment.Neither we become satisfied ,what brings us joy is when we are able to bring happiness in others lives and actually live to bring smile on everybody else’s faces.

Wonder what Ima saying?But I’m sure who ever reads this will agree to what I am saying,even the richest man will agree that the power of his money doesn’t bring smile on his face ,it is his urge to make somebody else happy brings the contentment at heart.
Today after many days ,I took a break from writing a poem on my thoughts and instead chose to express myself in another way.

Might be I sound confused,but so areĀ  we all..? Aren’t we?