Flying  far away from your nest,

What do you see my craving  heart?

Highlands,mountains or valleys apart,

What do you miss my wailing heart?

Your feathers  have lost  their charm,

Beautiful textured feathers of  love,

they’ve the strength to soar high,

Remain higher for longer flies,

Why does the heart fear then,

To undertake a journey of diligence…


You are always near the sky,

The blue spread embraces you,while you fly,

To fill  you with the valiant fervour,

To attain the rich golden splendour.

Your wings give you the dignity,

To reach to the levels of infinity,

Being static ,they lose their  strength,

continuous motion overhauls them..





Fly high to touch the sky,

to remain higher till you die,

But prepare yourself to be grounded,

when storms and lightning struck the skies,

Overshadow your fear of flying,

 To achieve the esteemed goal of living…


2 thoughts on “FLIGHT OF LIVING

  1. Prashant May 26, 2012 / 1:27 am

    these wings are made up of feathers of hope, faith, perseverance and the will to be someone you always wanted to be.

    lightening is the fear of failure, heartbreaks and loss of friends and companions which seek to destroy the will to achieve.

    Fly high we must – no matter what happens !!

    Glad I found this one !!

    • soumyav May 26, 2012 / 9:35 am

      thanks! this one implies the continous process of learning we have through our experiences and during which there are lot of obstacles,still we continue walking and flying,as being stagnant shall stop our growth..

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