Why did you do this to me?

I can never find a reason to think,

What made you change

 in the moment of a blink,

What had happened ,when all was fine,

when every moment u thought was mine……


We had just started walking on this path,unnamed!

Why did you leave in between ,and left me to blame?

What went wrong I wonder?

Did I say anything that was a blunder?

Suddenly the void created by your absence,

leaves me with thoughts which are baseless….


I still yearn and look for you,

hoping that my dreams will come true,

someday you will be there again,

clearing all the thoughts that gave me pain,

Those moments will be here ,

when you will realise the value of my tears..



In this timeless journey of love,

few things always remain unperturbed,

The feelings that we are soaked in,

and the thoughts that  we are lost in…

I wait for that golden moment,

when Life comes back and revives again,

The long-lost soul  of  a burning tale,

Which will seek  solace on the path,unnamed…..