Something is being baked  as a  sweet,

Exotic preparations make me dream,

Lovely decorations on the icing ,

The pineapple cake looks so mouth watering…

The aroma of the dish spreading around,

Inquisitively everyone tried to found,

What was so special and delightful?

All wanted to have a piece mouthful..

A bunch of flowers and cherries on top,

the cake was the main attraction in the shop..

All wished they could have a bite,

But it was  booked  for somebody ‘s night…

It was a bakery store indeed,

That baked one of the finest things,

What made it different from others,

All just guessed with no outcome…

It was the consistency of the batter,

The ingredients that were so pure and natural,

A bit of  patience and affection in it,

Made the cake the most delicious of the street…

Life likes simple things

Love and affection makes the difference in every being,

Patiently if we handle everything,

Our life becomes  the most beautiful  blessing …..

9 thoughts on “THE PINEAPPLE CAKE

  1. the pineapple cake represents our ambitions, dreams and the life which we want to live. It is sweet, soft and delicious – life is no different !

    The comparison of mouth watering and life dreaming is wonderful !

  2. well well well that was a delicious post ,,, now i m going to the refrigerator to search for a cake 🙂
    not fair this post will add weight 🙂
    nice and elegant post ,,, and the thought that life is like a cake … thank you for sharing this

    1. Im indeed happy you went through this ! and surprised too! hw come u dived into such old posts! 🙂 🙂 still someday we will share a pineapple cake 🙂

      1. was this an old one?, I just navigate through the rt column and then forward, i know i missed a lot of your posts lately and i didnt look at the dates.
        but it was an inspiring stroll. 🙂

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