Years of  Patience looked around,

who had today shook  her ground,

Was it a small storm that came.,.

Or a doubt that got a place to stay…?

Years together she had worked,

with sincere hard work and passion,

What made the world shook today?

Was her timeless journey small to say…?

Belief and faith she had instilled ,

In the heart of the being,

Then what happened in a day?

That made her courage fall as a prey…?

These are  the feelings Patience had,

When she had lived to give the man,

The success that he deserved ..

and had dreamt of it since many years…

But only thing that made him fail,

His doubt stood up and the belief curtailed,

He lost his  Patience to his doubt,

And lost the world of dreams that he had found…




4 thoughts on “PATIENCE

    1. soumyav

      Iam glad you went thru it and liked it. Just wante dto share the experience and not give any preaching,for all my poems have a thing experienced personally by me,sometime or other. Thanks again

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