Everything  deep inside the heart  becomes void ,

As you aren’t there along my side,

Heart beats can be counted upon,

when the earth stops rotating while you are thought of…

No words ,no expressions, no reactions to show,

Your absence makes me lose my glow..

Busy with my routine and the pending work,

I can’t really make out why I get disturbed?

Is it your thoughts that make my eyes wet,

Or is it for times that we have already spent ?



The music loses its melody making it monotonous..

the night appears lonely with the  moon ‘s exodus,

Deep inside the core  when I miss you and your presence,

The world around me  loses its exuberance…


16 thoughts on “MISS YOU!!

    1. Thanks a lot! and am really sorry for not being in track with your posts as Iam travelling.will catch up wth the missedones once Iam back.till then best wishes and happy blogging

  1. Manu Kurup

    A great post, I should say. Deep feelings and love manifesting itself in each words. Good post for reading in the beginning of a fine day. 🙂

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