Everything  deep inside the heart  becomes void ,

As you aren’t there along my side,

Heart beats can be counted upon,

when the earth stops rotating while you are thought of…

No words ,no expressions, no reactions to show,

Your absence makes me lose my glow..

Busy with my routine and the pending work,

I can’t really make out why I get disturbed?

Is it your thoughts that make my eyes wet,

Or is it for times that we have already spent ?



The music loses its melody making it monotonous..

the night appears lonely with the  moon ‘s exodus,

Deep inside the core  when I miss you and your presence,

The world around me  loses its exuberance…




Far away in the land of hills,

Roaming between the coniferous trees,

How do you find the air there?

Very pure and very fair?



When you think of your own  place,

what comes to your mind in such  a case?

Do you miss the dirt and the  dust,

Or are you happy there,than being in the worst?




What can we do to make our place?

A green and pollution free state…

where we can find trees everywhere,

no polythenes  and garbage scattered in air,

No smoke or any dust to swallow,

only pure air and butterflies to follow..


What can we do to make this place,

free from the noise of  cars and trains,

How can we make it ecofriendly?

Where we can recycle all the things properly?

Nothing ever to pollute the air,

Ozone layer will remain intact in  the air,

No CFC’s and no Nitrous oxide,

which can deplete the atmosphere outside,

Imagine the world to be like this,

what a place it will be to live and breathe?