My friend,my wife!!

There is something in the air today,
As I can feel your presence all the way,
The path is nothing new for me,
But the aura of nature speaks it in a strange way.

Life goes on ,time never halts,
For the arms of the clock never stop,
Many come in a life ..
And only a few stay..
But there’s only one who stands all thru the way.

This dawn is beautiful and special,
These golden rays reflecting like unusual,
Today all  looks  so different,
even though alls same..
for I have met myself with a new name.

This me is my reflection,
Which never leaves or strays me
Shows me the perfect view of things,
To make  the ideal decisions to think.

Be my friend in the path of life,
As I am all alone without you ,
I shall always keep you in my heart ,
And love you as my WIFE…


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