“Where do I go from here?

If you aren’t my saviour?

On the altar of your shrine,

deep inside my heart and mind…

I feel the urge to shed the tears…

and ask you where did I go wrong my dear?

Sincere work and dedication,

filled with determination and patience,

It was you who showed me the  path…

and I blindly followed you on this path…

Then what do I get from this hardship?

Fame,money or prosperity?

They are all far away …

never have my home in their way..

Can you say something my Lord?

For the feelings that I have put on?”


A voice suddenly speaks inside…

“Why do you worry my  dear child?

When I am there to take care of you,

in your tensions and pay your dues…

I made you walk on the path of life ..

with full faith and belief in mine…

For This is not your destination…

you have a long way to travel…

Where you will attain your final aim

To be known by the world for your claim..

Till then enjoy the time with your loved ones,

spread smile among the sad ones,

Sit and relax to review your work,

so that you never make any error in work..

Dont wait for your results to come..

Keep on doing your great work..

The golden rays shall dawn upon…

your doorsteps on a fine morn..

When the world will know who you are,

and will acknowledge your composure in all…”

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