Balance of nature & life

On the shores of the sea,

I found one day ,

a snail  crawling,

slowly and gradually it moved,

oblivious of the people moving….

It seemed to be in its own world,

happy with the hard cover

the tentacles helped it to sense danger,

if any prevailed in its own adventure….

what a small creature it was!!

even the nature didn’t  disturb its walk…

Amidst all the bigger beings,

the little creature peeped in…

Then who are we to judge here,

To dominate and shrug aside the weaker ones on  the sphere,

We have them everywhere amongst  us,

some may be in your office,

some of your family or peers,

wherever they exist ,

they have the right to express ..

and prove their might…

Weak or Meek,

they are not by choice,

nobody wishes to be a loser,

if  we take their side…..


A small snail shows us ,

The way to live with everyone

Irrespective of the size and shape,

to respect the existence of all & one…


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