Steep climb to the top,

I thought for once ..

I can never go atop,

But the urge to be there..

made me do the job…

Determination pays off,

when you have patience,

which results in perseverance,

to win the life ‘s battles…

However difficult the work is,

I tried to do my level best,

leaving aside the fear of results,

I concentrated on the struggle..

Happiness came from the work,

coz I knew what made it work,

The drop of sincerity along,

brought joy of success for long…

I feel like I have conquered,

the highest peak of Mt.Everest,

Challenges never subdue me,

because I have faith in Thee..


Life is like a song of love,

which can be sung to a tune,

with the rhythm and the lyrics,

It becomes a perfect  beautiful muse..

Melody of music makes it melodious,

and the intensity depicts the emotions,

If ever it gets offbeat,

leaving the track ,

Life becomes misfit..

Song of love is evergreen,

when felt with heart,

It gives  peace,

like the life that we live in…

which makes us calm and soothing…