I wondered when I heard you say,

why do all just  sit and pray?

without an effort to act,

letting things wander like that…

As if you never thought or  knew,

That all the power was within you.

If you want,

we can get up and fight,

against the  wrongs  

 and for the rights..

Till the time u are asleep,

and remain oblivious of the scene..

getting away from the ethics ..

and having the greed of everything…



Till you shut your open eyes,

and be a witness to every crime…

what else can we all do..

just sit and watch ..and pray for you…

to make u awake from  the sleep,

to shake you up from the hallucination and dreams,

to make you remember your duties…

for us and the whole mankind…

You are supposed to be the one,

who can show the mirror to everyone,

You should be the powerful one,

who  wipes  out the negative thoughts..

and pricks everyone…



For that is why God made you ..

To dwell in everyone,

 to beware us while we are wrong,

to brighten our fortune…


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