Road to the heaven.


Groping in the dark,

I stumbled on something,

It wasn’t something familiar,

nor was present before the whole thing…

The world hadn’t changed,

only I turned around to get the fame ,

As darkness was spread everywhere,

the moon and flowers looked the same..

Does it change my life now,

As I fumble in the dark for thou..

We all do search HIM,

in the dark and in everything…

I made a point to myself,

I wont dishearten myself,

I’m still  the person I was before,

just without the light,… I fall on the floor..

But there shall be one hand for me..

who will lead me thru this  and let me see…

My life will change someday  sometime…

My thoughts and feelings convince me,

I shall wait for the golden morn,

Where Thou shall lead me to the  heaven he made..





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