My heart beats for you ,

You are the  life and I’m its reason….

My heart craves for you,

You are the  body and I’m it soul…

My heart weeps for you,

You are the joy and I’m the pain within..

My heart bleeds for you,

You are the success and I’m the path …

My heart yearns for you,

You are the presence and I’m the one absent…

My heart misses you,

For you’re on earth and I’m there in heaven….


Dwelling in the heart  of every being,

He stills remains behind the veil,

No one has ever seen him,

even though he is the creator…             

For some he is the smiling Lord,                    

for some an  idol to adorn,

Some feel he has a cross with him,

For others he plays the flute for the beings…

He dwells in the breath of all,

In the core of the soul,

Without him,the rivers would dry …

…and the wind will come to a stop…

A seed so small grows into a tree for him,

For he told the roots to remain within,

The flower blooms and birds fly,

has anyone noticed this..why?

Is there any routine for all,

A memory card  inserted in all,

as they complete the life cycle,

without any hindrances and interruptions..


Science has progressed so much,

that it now handles a human’s work,

still sometimes an error caused,

leaves the satellite and computers hanged on…

Imagine if some error occurred in our life,

trees start moving and rivers stand beside,

birds stop flying and man flies,

what a mess would this earth be…

 with so much  imbalance inside….

Great are we that we learnt the science,

but it was to keep the balance between it and life,

If He can handle the whole universe,

what minute thing is science and its birth

Logic ,reasoning if kept aside,

 If we listen to our heart and mind,

The invisible one will feel for once ,

that Man is really the strongest one..

in this universe and on this earth..

so man can strive for much more…

 and reach the ultimate destined goal…

My little girl’s third foray into the flower fields (Spring 2010)

Some few lines for Post of MALOU::



My little girl’s third foray into the flower fields (Spring 2010).


Oh ! you red riding hood!

Where u wander..with that  hood..

in the fields of the tulips ..yellow ,white,pink and red,

spread like a carpet woven intricately handmade…


You blossom like a little flower ,

amidst the thousands of them around,

But your smile is a blessing,

which makes the tulips look around…



You ‘re the darling of ur dad and mom!,

with those little blue press clips put on ,

You mesmerise the pink tulip buds ,

and they admire u with their little ones…


In the middle of the night,

When the moon came out in sight,

I was waiting for you,

with a hope in heart ,

that I will meet my sweetheart..


Clouds flew by,

stars twinkling very high,

glowing bees fly nearby,

and my heart giving a sigh…



The moonlit night passed on,

on the advent of the  golden  sun,

I still stood there…at the door..

waiting for the one  whom I adore..

Days and nights went on,

The await for the one grew on,

seasons changed and so the world…

But I remained same under the sun…

After so long today,

I notice the glow on my cheek,

experiencing the wonderful feel,

ecstasy or bliss ..

my soul contended and at peace ..

for it found out the one I seek…



Life is an adventure,

risks and challenges at every step,

unseen bends at every corner,

 with  changes   inevitable…

Ups and downs a part of it,

Like the rise and fall of the tides in  the sea…

Those who dare to swim against,

cross the storming rough  sea…



Surprises and shocks every moment,

Life doesn’t has  a fixed pattern,

Those who dare to brush aside the fears,

are the real  winners …

 The adventurous truly live and win,

making each moment a memorable thing,

fighting back and struggling ,

to sweep the battle of the living…