Strings of Guitar, play the song,life and death go along,

The chords of the high notes,make us feel the crest and trough,

lower notes give us  a feel of the solitude of within,

The music playing on the strings ,is the music of  nature and spring..         










I  suddenly strike a wrong chord, and the tune falls off the mark,

Like a fault in the life,when we don’t get another strike,

But life moves on …and pushes us ..though ..

We always remember the broken chord ….





Love notes when I play,they take me in another way,

To a place full of dreams and everything’s fine as should have been,

I fly above the world so high, and  the world appears like an apple pie…

This music of happiness brings joy and relief in the sadness and in grief……





So strange it seems! that a guitar string,

can affect your life in every mean..or else it is the opposite way,

And it plays whatever is within and brings out the fray….

the touching sound  ….the melancholy chords or.. the jubilant notes….to watch..





Whatsoever the guitar plays,

even if my fingers move astray,

I know this well..that Iam a mere player in the field of life…

The actual music notes and chords are in the hands of the LORD…..



Black and White Series

some lines for the post by Patricia!!!

Black and White Series.

Is this the house of my dreams,

Or a long lost history of  something ..

It seems as if I know the villa..

Somewhere down the lanes of heart,

somewhere down the lanes of memory,

hazy memories seem to blink….

I remember running around,

in every corner of the house,

I know where the door opens,

with the fire place in opposite corner ,

old paintings on the wall,

dry flowers deck the hall ,

cascade of stairs merge in the middle ,

where they enter for the bedrooms within…

How do I know ,

About the house,

when I have never been to that house…

Long lost memories of the past,

or wings of imagination that spell cast…..?